I was born in 1947, December the fifth.


Just after WW2, and my life have since then been only good times. I was born on the best country on the planet. My parents were kind, understanding, and gave me the best upbringing ever, and they allways supportet med in my wild ideas. I am now a content pensioner doing what I love the most, making music, writing lyrics, and arranging music. What a life!!!!


The picture to the left I believe was taken in 1949, and yes, it's me, not my sister. The picture to the right was taken some years before I got my pension, in fact it was taken when I was in the army, in 1968-1969.


A pal of mine, (Bjørnar in ZAKS POP/Rock - group from Vardø in Norway) called the years from 1964 - 1967 for these glorious years, and I totally agree. The reasen: We were engaged in a group,and had a fabulouse time, touring most of Norway. If you want to know more about ZAKS you just click here and the story of ZAKS vil reveal itself.


The film and photos got colored, and we had our best years as travelling musions. The pictures shows me in the years of hippies, Beatles and Stones, in colors. To the right you see all the guy's in ZAKS.


Cred. From upper left:

Proto: Unknown.

Photo: The Army.  

Photo: Bjørn Saastad.

Photo: Annie van Baelen Copyrights: Yngve Antonesen

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Foto: Svenn Edmund Olufsen