The "Tablet" above


The "Tablet" above give you access all information that you need about the Alien songs. 


  1. By clicking on the first coloumn from the left the system will take you to the Alien Player where you will find all 12 tracks.
  2. Then by clicking the second, on the word "Click", you will see the lyrics
  3. 'Then you play "TV Backing" which is all except the lead vocal,
  4. The last gives you the music without any voices.

You may also download the TV backing track, the song itself or the instrumental Backing (instr. Backing).If you want to download just right-click, and click save. 

Printing is also allowed.


You can also try Playlist option.It will play all songs in sequence



is our second album, released  in 2015, and the content is Rock n/Roll and countrypop as with my first one, "Shivering" 


My hope is that "Alien" will make people dance, instead of just listening


The background music is by Beaird Music Group in Nashville


The music arrangements are mainly by Larry Beaird at Beaird Music Company in Nashville who is responsible for recording of all instruments with his band of studio musicians.


All songs, lyrics and choir arrangements are by Finn Pedersen

Also these songs are a product of my bohemian life in the basement


I really hope you like this album. If you do, please

recommendit to your friends. Should you want to buy it as a gift to a loved once, or a friend,


You just click on ORDER and fill in the form. I have no sponsor's on or finacial support, so to finance the next album, We depend on you. Thanks.


Song Name

 Lead Vocal

01AlienJason 2,26
02I'd never seen you beforeJason2,19
03Forever and everInger-Lise|4,19
04If you need a friendJason2,56
05Love is hereAnne-Berit 3,32
06I'm freeJason 2,55
07I've been fooledJason 3,06
08Too YoungJason3,34
09Let's go Crazy TonightInger-Lise3,17
10Hey SophieJason3,24
11Playing like The BeatlesJason3,43
12If you wannaInger-Lise3,23