Anne-Berit Pettersen


Anne-Berit was born on Senja in 1971, and is an aducated nurse. She is today living in Fredrikstad with her  family.
Music is very important for Anne -Berit, and has partisipated in  the gospechoir "Gelos" from Vesterålen.
Her singing on ALIEN is no coincidence, She has contributed on CD-releases in choir and as Lead Vokal.
She is singing in a worship choir of Fredrikstad Baptist church.


Inger-Lise Fjellstad


was born on the 3 of July 1957 at Møllerhaugen in Målselv, Norway.

Her first publick apperance was at the age of 11. As years passed by, she figured as Lead Vocal in different bands in the 80s and the early 90s;  Toddy, WEB and Reunion. these bands were mainly cover-bands, but WEB also were songwriters and played their own music, as well as cover.

WEB released an EP in 1985, and they did also, as the only local group, participate on the first Midnight-sun rock-consert in 1985 with several other nasjonal, an international well known groups.

Foto: Finn Molund

Inger-Lise i aksjon på Rockens natt i Aglapsvik.


Inger-Lise has also had solo performances together with other artists with f. inst. the Swing-it band from Tromsø, where tunes from the 50s and the 60s were in focus. In autumn 2000 she started a collaboration with Finn Molund - an accomplished musician and songwriter from Målselv. Essentially, the music was presented on the web, but collaboration also resulted in a CD in 2001 where Find Molund made music, lyrics and production. Musical genre was Electronica.

Collaboration with Finn Pedersen started a few years ago when Inger-Lise became acquainted with another accomplished musician and songwriter, this time from Finnsnes. He wanted her to sing a few tracks on his new album Alien. Inger-Lise agreed, and now it was over to a new genre - Country.




  1. WEB -  EP (WEB – Keri Lydsenter, 1985)
  2. WEB – partisipated on Midt-Troms treff-kassetten 1985
  3. I wish – CD (Finn Molund 2001)
  4. Alien – CD - album (Partisipated on fpBands album 2015)

Jason Eustice. "Singer/Songwriter"


Signed Songwriter at Demolition Music Publishing for almost two years.


First published song was in 2008 with Richie McDonald on his Christian Album, song was entitled, "Faith".

Has had several minor song placements. Studio Vocalist for the past 5 years,


Larry Beaird Studio is a favorite.


Performs around Nashville TN and parts of Kentucky.


Just "Living my Dream"

Composer, all music, lyrucs and arangements: Finn Pedersen


Band, studio mucisians at Beaird Music Company

Arrangements all music: Larry Beaird



Lisa Gregg

Russel Terrel