is my very first solo album, released in 2013, and the content is mainly Country/POP.  

We also added some ballades, and one blues.


The background music is by Beaird Music Group in Nashville an Studio Pros  in Los Angeles. The music arrangements are mainly by Larry Beaird at Beaird Music Company in Nashville who is responsible for recording of all instruments with his band of studio musicians.


All songs, lyrics and choir arrangements are by Finn Pedersen

The songs are written between 2005 and 2013, and is a picking of the songs i liked the best from this period. Written  in a basement in the small town of Finnsnes, Norway. The lyrics are a "mirror" of my life from this period. I have written lyrics for ZAKS (click to see) since I was a very young boy, and I have allways been ready to enter a band.



The "Tablet" above


The "Tablet" above give you access all information that you need about the Shivering songs 


  1. By clicking on the first coloumn from the left the system will play the corresponding song from Shivering.
  2. Then by clicking he second, on the word "Click", you will see the lyrics,
  3. Next gives you the chords, 
  4. 'Then you play "TV Backing" which is all except the lead vocal,
  5. The last gives you the music without any voices.

You may also download the TV backing track, the song itself or the instrumental Backing (instr. Backing).If you want to download just right-click, and ask for save. 

Printing is also alowed  (lyrics and chords).